Dr. James Soldner co-facilitated ACES Conference Presentation on Anti-Racist Professional Disposition Evaluation

Dr. James Soldner, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of SGISD’s

Rehabilitation Counseling Program co-facilitated a conference presentation at the biennial Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) conference, A Chance for Advocacy.

Dr. Soldner, in collaboration with certified rehabilitation counselors and colleagues, Drs. Allison Levine, Ramar Henderson, Elizabeth Boland, and Kate Bakhuizen, presented The Ethical Imperative of Anti-Racist Professional Disposition Evaluation.

In counselor education, professional dispositions are counselors’ professional attitudes, values, and beliefs. Counselors show professional disposition with verbal and nonverbal behaviors and interactions with their consumers, as well as with their instructors and each other. Professional disposition evaluation is the evaluation of an individuals’ non-academic, personal characteristics.

How can educators and supervisors be anti-racist while engaging in professional disposition evaluation? James Soldner and co-facilitators discussed this ethical imperative of anti-racist professional dispositions evaluation, including racial identity development, theoretical frameworks, and resources for implementing such practices.

ACES is a membership organization of counselors, supervisors, graduate students, and faculty members dedicated to quality counselor education and supervision across the US. This year, ACES members met in Atlanta and virtually to discuss topics centered around developing a workforce of professional counselors who can cultivate culturally responsive and healing relationships while simultaneously advocating for safety, wellbeing, and access to services. 2021 is the first year ACES hosted an Antiracist Practices in Counselor Education track.

Learn more about the 2021 ACES conference!

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