SDISD Professor Sindiso Mnisi Weeks featured in Anthropology News

“I use anthropology’s approach to studying law as it is experienced in the real world. But it’s been hard for me to describe myself as an anthropologist. I think of my work as being more activist because, even though anthropology is such a big tent, I’ve had to combine different fields to create the critical lenses I sought.”

“[Political and legal anthropology] can’t just discuss and describe what needs to change but must also be part of that change. We want to bring people into the conversation who see the world differently, not perpetuate the racism and imperialism that is part of our profession’s history and continues in many ways today….Who says that editorial boards should be exclusively academics, especially in such an applied field? I hope PoLAR can be a venue where people feel free to pursue ideas they felt there wasn’t space for within our field.…bring all the things you felt weren’t welcome, or you felt there wasn’t space for. We will make space for them in PoLAR.”



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