SGISD Student Presents at New Zealand Conference

PhD student Thalia Viveros Uehara delivered a session at the Human Development and Capability Association 2020 Conference, which ran from June 29 through July 3 online. Hosted by Massey University of Auckland, New Zealand, and supported by the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations, the conference’s theme was “New Horizons: Sustainability and Justice.”

Viveros Uehara’s talk was entitled “Ending Poverty Below and Above 1.5°C: Complementarities of the Human Rights and the Capabilities Approach for Climate Change Adaptation in Latin America.” Watch the video of her presentation here.

Reflecting on the conference, Viveros Uehara said, “Despite the geographic distances and time differences, the event has been an incredible opportunity for networking. It reunited scholars, practitioners, and students from around the world to promote the exchange of critical insights on social development, poverty, and human rights.”

Viveros Uehara also expressed her gratitude to Dr. Gillian MacNaughton, her advisor, who let her know about the conference and encouraged her to submit a proposal. Viveros Uehara also received support from the Carol DeSouza Award, which provides funding for SGISD students to pursue professional development opportunities.


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